About EuroCSE

The European Centre for the Study of Extremism, Cambridge (EuroCSE) is an independent, academic, not-for profit organisation.

The objective of EuroCSE is to promote, contribute and facilitate the development and implementation of a comprehensive national, regional and international understanding about political dysfunctionality, extremist issues, and how to ideally resolve and prevent disorder. This will be based on distinguished high-level research, and through various modes of advanced training, knowledge awareness, capacity building seminars and advising.

The Centre’s role is to conduct and disseminate world-class leading thinking and research about extremism in various societies using multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches. The Centre seeks to find innovative peaceful solutions to societal and social breakdown, which is related to reactionary destructive states or processes.

The Centre’s activities are multifaceted in nature, and include: the publishing of academic studies and reports that contextualise extremism; the organisation of high-level conferences, meetings and events, and finally, holding a series of seminars and workshops, annually.

Through its academic oriented services, EuroCSE seeks to provide indispensable support to officials, the media, civil society organisations, and the general public, to synthesise a true collaboration of the best multidisciplinary thinking and compassion-based leadership. We are working to create profound dialogues for rebuilding, maintaining and creating safer and higher functioning societies.

EuroCSE’s vision is to conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis as a critical contribution to both academia and research-based audiences. The Centre’s areas of research interests include: understanding the historical contexts that trigger extremist ideology; how extremism has transformed over time; the varying methods of exerting extremist activities; comparative analysis of extremism sources; exploring the intricacies of extremist networking cells; analysing and critiquing counter-extremism policies, and finally, identifying relevant strategies and interventions adopted in national, regional and international perspectives and dialogues. Research within these concentrations will further aid in mapping global trends and emerging threats. We seek to cease and reverse mutual conflict and threat based responses that reinforce needless cycles of meaningless violence and catastrophic loss.

EuroCSE intends that through its independent, charitable, academic research and knowledge awareness activities, it can provide insight to various audiences within civil society, including the broader realm of political administration, to avoid risks of improper responses and decision-making.

EuroCSE aims to improve and inform various audiences through knowledge production processes, and expert academic engagement and research. The purpose of this strategy is to successfully intervene and resolve the repeated cycles of violence that exist internationally, and to find increasingly healthier adaptations between practice, policy development and evaluation within society to improve stability and overall global health.


EuroCSE operational office is located in Cambridge, England, UK, complemented by professional staff and specialists on issues pertaining to: politics, international relations, international law, national security, divinity, sociology, psychology, community safety, gender and political communications, amongst others.


In addition to ongoing research outputs, the EuroCSE activities aim to bring current research, which explores the interface between extremism and community safety to the general public, and to provide a policy context for independent researchers and practitioners through the following: ++ A programme open to fellows of The Centre. These will be arranged annually around a multidisciplinary theme and will be delivered by prominent scholars and practitioners within the field of extremism. ++ A programme of informal meetings and seminars that will be open to interested parties and individuals, highlighting current concerns, themes, interests and developments in the field of extremism. ++ A lively forum for exchange of knowledge between the general public, specialists and other interested and related bodies. ++ A bi-annual newsletter noting current info-mapping, research, and policy advice.


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Within the perspective of the Preamble of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the mission of the UNESCO’s, EuroCSE will provide relevant material to high secondary schools and higher education institutions.

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Distribution of highly specialised primary and secondary material on issues concerning extremism and political violence.


Roster of Experts. Identifying and collating an up-to-date database.